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Wall $treet Week TV Theme

Today is Friday, which reminded me of one of my favorite obscure TV themes—which I’m not sure we’ve ever talked about on the FSM board.

Growing up, my dad never watched television—except for one show: Washington Week in Review on PBS, which aired Friday night at 8pm from channel 2 in Boston. All I remember from that show are the talking heads. But right after it, at 8:30pm, was Wall $treet Week.

Neither my dad nor I had—or have—any interest in stocks (except as a long-term investment). But the TV would invariably stay on for the opening of Wall $treet Week, and I’d be like, “What is that cool music?”

Check out the title sequence, above. So delightfully 1970s!

The theme is very short, with teletype machines and a propulsive 5/8 rhythm and jaunty French horn theme, ending with a jazzy, almost soothing lick for Fender Rhodes. It always struck me as one of those themes you instantly notice and remember, but at the same time, it has such intricate little twists and turns that you need to actually hear it to experience it as it really is, not how you think it might be.

All I know is it’s called “TWX in 12 Bars” and was composed by Donald Schwartz.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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