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Whoa! I’m Busy

It’s been a slow time for, well, a couple of years, which has been a bit of a drag.

But I suddenly have a lot to do. None of which I can talk about—sorry to vague–tweet.

Above is our CD cover to Beneath the Planet of the Apes because I remember a moment very early in the FSM CD series when we were starting on a bunch of Fox titles.

I was learning CD production from Nick Redman, who had secured the titles from Fox, and brought over a box of 24-track tapes to transfer at Private Island Trax (now Private Island Audio).

It was stimulating, and a bit overwhelming, the thought of the digging in to all of these complicated productions.

But it was fun! And I have a very vivid memory of sitting at a lunch break at Private Island with this very excited feeling: all these fun challenges ahead!

Maybe it would be the manic phase of a bipolar cycle?

I’m quite sure I am not actually bipolar, but like everybody, I have ups and downs.

All right, back to work!

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