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380 CDs Added to FSMCDs

We have added 380 CDs to the store this morning (Tuesday, 7/2/24). These were titles we didn’t have to time to process when the BIG batch went live last week—and, to be honest, table or even floor space to lay them out!

Here is a spreadsheet of everything available at the store as of this morning—with the new stuff at top.

I usually try to give people a heads up as to when new stuff is going live. But last week, customers were trying to buy the new stuff while it was still uploading. So it kind of got messy on the technical side, and I didn’t want that to happen again until I got some work done on the site.

After this wave of sales is over I’m going to go back to the website builders and see what we can do about that. For now...surprise!

I just want to take a moment to thank everybody who has shopped with us. I never thought I would be selling CDs (again). A year and a half ago, I sold off a lot of my own collection, for reasons that I explained at the time. That went well, so I was asked to sell CDs on behalf of a collector’s family (our dear friend Brent Armstrong). It’s led to more people reaching out, and I’m good at organizing these kinds of things, so, well, here we are.

But I appreciate people have lots of places to buy CDs, and so many choices to make when deciding what to collect or how much of it. Thank you for choosing FSMCDs and I’ll always work hard to give you good service, low prices and as much personal attention as I can. And you know that I love this stuff as much as you do. They’re not just widgets to me—a lot of these things I produced or consulted on in the first place!

Please browse the listings and I hope you find those out-of-print CDs you need to fill out your collection, as well as cool things to try at bargain prices!

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