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We had a big day yesterday selling the new lot of film music CDs. Thank you everybody for your orders and your trust!

However, there were a couple of reports that our website was being flagged as “dangerous.” We investigated...and it’s baloney! There’s nothing wrong with our site. Our security functions are all in order.

What we think happened is that somebody may have flagged us as being suspicious, for whatever reason (maybe because of the emails we send with your receipts and tracking numbers)—and then it got added to some virus watchdog system as a warning. Oy. So there’s nothing we can do except try to clear our good name.

Somebody else pointed out that the “sort by high-low” function is not working...and this seems to be correct. Agh! We will try to fix asap.

And I know people continue to be troubled by the occasional issue where you have something in your cart, and then it disappears, or you log in and can’t get it again... I’m so sorry. It sounds super frustrating.

If you have one of these experiences, please write us and share, in as much detail as possible, what happened and what went wrong—I will send it to the web company to investigate and hopefully correct. Thank you!

Here are the 2,450 items we have in stock as of this morning (Tuesday 4/9/24). If you want to see only the new ones, sort by the last SKU column.


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