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An Update on FSM Studios

Hello, dear friends! I thought I would give an update on FSM Studios which I announced earlier this year. I started a WeFunder campaign to finance my own film company!

Maybe some of my loyal readers were wondering, hey, what happened to that?

What happened is that it briskly raised a little over $7K—at which point my family and I went on vacation (for the first time since before the pandemic).

These fundraising campaigns naturally slow down and need a lot of “goosing,” which I wasn’t able to do from the road.

But what also happened is that it became clear that to get to the scale of investment I need to actually make movies, I would need many multiples of followers.

Oh—before I go any further, I am legally required to say this:

We are “testing the waters” to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

Oh! Now I remember what happened!

When you use WeFunder, you are required to keep track of every single piece of communication you have about the fundraising. Every email, every text—and you have to file them with the SEC.

Does that sound like it would suck, or what? It’s like, how much money could I pay to NOT have to do that?

So at the same time that it was clear I would have to make pimping the WeFunder a full-time job—and keeping track of every single communique would be a job on top of that—I also realized that a better and easier plan was to pursue connections with a few specific people who had similar interests and ambitions as my own.

Can I tell you a dirty secret? It is absolutely true—it’s who you know.

In my case, because I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard, was lucky to go to a prestigious college, and spent 30 years involved in film music fandom and CD production...I actually know a lot of people!

But want to know secret #2? (This one is not “dirty”—it’s actually clean!)

Who you know is way less important than what you are capable of doing.

This definitely applies to creative fields. If you want to be a writer, director, actor, composer—any creative field—the “connection” can get you a chance...but you have to deliver.

This is what pretty much every single aspiring screenwriter does wrong: they obsess about getting read, when they should be obsessing over writing better.

I totally fell into that trap! And over the past year, to my credit, I realized it, and I pulled back to work on the writing—which is another thing I’ve been doing the past six months.

So all of this is to say my ambition to be a film producer is very much alive. And I would love to connect with people who are interested in being a part of it.

But for the moment, I’m just letting the WeFunder stay in “stand by.”


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