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Black List A.I. Controversy

I was wondering what to write today when I saw a trending thread at the hive of scum and villainy (and idiocy) known as Reddit/Screenwriting.

The above user got a bad review of his script (it costs $100) from the Black List website and has accused the reviewer of using A.I. to write it.

Obviously you can’t prove that A.I. wrote it just from looking at it...but it does seem like typical A.I.-generated pablum.

But the sad truth to me is that A.I. and high-school level essay writing seems a lot alike.

And the real problem with the Black List website, I’ve come to learn, is that there is such variability to the quality of the reviewers, it’s not worth a $100 yank of the script-review slot machine arm in the hope you get a smart reviewer who also likes your script.

The owner of the Black List always responds that all of their reviewers have spent at least a year writing script coverage at a legit Hollywood company.

So I’m just shocked that people this unqualified are actually relied upon to vet material.

Shocked...but not surprised!

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