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CD Sale Day 6 and Updated List

The CD sale of Brent Armstrong’s collection has been going super well and the family is very appreciative!

It has been nice to hear from old friends who tell me they used to subscribe to FSM and do I remember them? And the answer is always, yes, of course! I used to personally manage the FSM subscriber database and so I remember names, and sometimes even addresses.

It has been an interesting reminder that certain titles are just incredibly popular. We had one copy of the La-La Land Hook 2CD set and I swear I had to turn down 40 people who asked for it, after it quickly sold.

Star Trek, Star Wars, RoboCop, James Bond, John Williams—the big names go fast.

We started with 4,502 items and of those, 2,507 are already bought and paid for, which is fantastic. We will start shipping tomorrow morning, and yes, we will pack securely, and yes we will email tracking numbers. (Do you think I have been involved with soundtrack collectors for 34 years and wouldn’t pack securely?)

Another 495 items are being held, which is where the most stress comes in managing this sale (which I have to do manually). I appreciate that people get distracted, take holidays, etc., but sometimes chasing folks down and telling them that the item is reserved and do they want it...? Well, it just takes time.

By and large, though, folks have been prompt, courteous and enthusiastic, and I truly appreciate it.

However, as buyers have reneged or ghosted me, I have been returning titles to the list of CDs that are still available. I tried to keep “wish lists” but it was just impossible.

So here is this morning’s updated list of 1,501 items (a few of which may have already sold, but they should be available.) And there are some “hot” titles back in there. (Hint: Xenomorphs.)

Everything must go! That’s not an advertising line: they either sell, or we have to liquidate them at Amoeba or something, or put them into storage.

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