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Galactica: Second Coming

I came across something on YouTube that I had heard about but never seen: the trailer to Richard Hatch’s proposed sequel to Battlestar: Galactica from 1999.

It’s all explained in the title screens of the video:

I never met Richard Hatch but my friends who worked with him adored him. R.I.P.

And I was so delighted to see him on the Galactica remake where he was truly excellent as the complicated antagonist, Tom Zarek.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even watch this full trailer. I’ve been up to my neck in CD orders. The original BSG was slightly before my time, and I don’t have the affection for it that a lot of people do. I do have the utmost respect and affection for the Ron Moore remake, which is really “my” Galactica and a mammoth achievement.

And I do love the Stu Phillips theme!

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