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Improve Our Message Board

The FSM message board has become one of the most frequented discussion areas for film music on the Internet. As much as it has been frustrating to have spammers and miscreants try to ruin it for everybody, I am proud of so many users who find it a meaningful place to share their passion—including me!

So here’s todays news: The new CD sale is going well. We started out with 5,200 or so CDs, and have around 2,200 remaining. Thank you!

I have decided to earmark a certain amount of money from the CD sales to improve the message board—which was built a long time ago, in a different Internet era.

Honestly, if I was building it anew now, I would make people use their real names. Please behave better when they are Billy Smith and not DarthMucusmaker99. But we’re not going to change that at this late date.

Please visit this thread to add your suggestions. After a few days, we’ll go through and collate the best ideas, and get a quote from the webmaster. And I’ll engage him to do the work out of funds from the CDs.

So if you want to help, please give your input—and also please consider buying more CDs! Everything must go!!! Thanks!

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The ability to PM would be nice.


Oh, thank frigging Zod. I love going there, and I'm there all the time, but it's needed an upgrade forever. Thank you so much.

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