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Is This Cute or Creepy?

Our twin girls (they’re seven) have a large stuffed bear that they like me to position in the house for them to find.

This looks cute in the pic, I’ll admit, but in person it was a little creepy to walk past the bear all morning and feel like she (we’ve been informed it’s a she) is watching you.

Also creepy: you can see me taking the pic in the mirror in the upper left.

In the upper right is the signed (by George Lucas) original 1977 Star Wars poster that was an unexpected gift circa 1994 from Gordon Radley, then the President of Lucasfilm. I had written liner notes to the 1993 Star Wars Anthology box set, which got me written up in the Amherst College alumni magazine (I’m class of 1996). Gordon is class of 1968, saw the article, and mailed me the poster. I remember the day in the Amherst mail room when I received the package. (I was very famous in that mail room, because of all the FSM correspondence and packages.)

Gordon later gave me a tour of Lucasfilm’s ranch, which was super nice. I’ve lugged that poster around ever since. I’m not particularly a poster or autograph collector but this is a nice one to have, and it’s always a reminder of how lucky I’ve been to have the experiences and opportunities I’ve been given.

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