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Joe Sikoryak’s Blog

Are you folks reading Joe Sikoryak’s blog? I’m really enjoying it. The latest piece is called “I Found It at the Movies.” Just read it.

It’s fun for me to get a view into what it was like to discover 1970s films as they were released. I can do that for the eighties, but not before.

It reminded of the above Family Guy clip...haha.

Also, after I wrote about the Lady and the Tramp score on Tuesday, Caleb Nelson sent me this link to a featurette on the composer, Oliver Wallace, for which Caleb was the research consultant—nice work!

Have a good holiday weekend!

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1 Comment

Thanks for the shout out, Lukas! I'll be sure to do the same for you in a few weeks when I get to my future installment “That Kid From Martha's Vineyard...”

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