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Logan’s Run Set Tour

I’ve written before how I’m a sucker for the 1976 Logan’s Run. I found on YouTube this set tour video:

I would have enjoyed a visit!

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And the fact you can see Roscoe Lee Browne behind Box's mask is even creepier...


Me too LK...

What a film this is...the vibe, premise and execution..never mind JG's superb score...

I'd heard Nicolas Winding Refn wanted to remake this with his best mate Ryan Gosling (and Matt Damon was attached too I believe for a while) and he may have been able to keep it faithful to all of the above whilst also bringing a slightly personal take...

Like so many that are sacred, part of me never wants this to be done again today...

I mean what Gregory Harrison think?

Not to mention Donald Moffatt?


That guy modeling the Sandman suit looks like David Hasselhoff, doesn't he?

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