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Lukas and Charlie New Video

I recorded a new YouTube conversation with my pal Charlie Vignola about screenwriting. We did a bunch of these two years ago but not recently.

We start off with me explaining the problems in doing what I wanted to do—public feedback for aspiring writers.

Then we landed on “spitballing” (making up on the fly) a potential movie about Mary, the meek bank teller who robs her own bank.

We had different takes on this: Charlie saw the comic potential, but I was hung up on the reality of the scenario and saw it as a grittier, more Breaking Bad kind of scenario.

We debated a bit and it was an interesting experience in the development process, which was Charlie’s gig at Bruckheimer for many years.

The talk ended up running long so I don’t know who would have the time to listen to all this, but if you do, which version do you think you would be more interested in? Thanks!

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