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Maestro is excellent. Great lead performances, amazing makeup, great sense of period. And the music speaks for itself.

I wonder how much sense it would make if I didn’t already know Leonard Bernstein’s biography. Far from the “spell it all out” style of mass-market biopic, it’s a very documentary-style series of naturalistic snapshots. There’s a lot of left to the audience to infer.

I want to read the script because honestly some of the dialogue was hard to hear, especially when it overlapped a la Robert Altman.

I don’t think I could have worked on that movie because of all the smoking, even if it was clove (prop) cigarettes.

Bradley Cooper’s work conducting as Bernstein (in long, unbroken shots) is absolutely incredible.

Like all great biopics, it made me seek out the real person:

Wonderful movie—a great accomplishment.

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