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New CD Sale Next Week

We have in a new combined lot (from two different collectors) of 800+ CDs we are processing. Look for this to go live at next week.

Not exactly sure when—but certainly midweek, as Monday is a holiday in the U.S. while Friday is a bad day to announce things.

There are lots of rare Kritzerland and Intrada Special Collections, the usual cool and oddball stuff, and a lot of show and movie musical albums. There is also a bit of the “soundtrack adjacent” kind of material: Tangerine Dream, Vangelis.

Stay tuned and thanks for patronizing our store!

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Andy Raab
Andy Raab
May 25

Oooh! Exciting! Thank you, Lucas. Anything from Universal France? I'm looking for some Écoutez Le Cinéma! releases.

Replying to

Haven't seen a lot of those yet but still processing!

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