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New CD Sale Is Live

2:35PM Pacific: So sorry about the slow site this morning. But it is working now. We still have thousands of awesome titles in stock, so I hope you pick some up!

12:35PM Pacific: OK we have uploaded all the new CDs to list. I know that the site is slow as molasses. I have no control over it. It’s slow for me too. I try to run a tight ship so all these technical problems are a source of endless embarrassment. Please do the best you can and thank you for your orders!

11:05AM Pacific: It’s uploaded through the middle of the Ms. This is crazy.

Here is the spreadsheet if you want to browse the entire list of the offerings. But a fair amount of the stuff early in the alphabet was already grabbed—and yes, I am going to look into a way to do this next time so that everything is turned on at once!

10:50AM Pacific: Still uploading the database of new products...please be patient...


We have so many CDs to upload to our store that our site is timing out. I think people are trying to browse and shop which is complicating matters.

I will post the all clear when we’re good to go. Thanks!

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