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The Crown Finale

Congratulations to the makers of The Crown on concluding a truly high quality and high-class show.

I’m a typical American, so the British monarchy has struck me as kinda ridiculous—but it certainly has been the source of some rich human drama, mined with great taste and sensitivity by Peter Morgan and his team.

And I must admit a newfound respect for the traditions of the institution.

It kind of smells like “print the legend”—there are grumblings about all the dramatic license taken—but as art and entertainment, it’s first-rate.

The casting—holy cow. These are some of the most famous people in the world, and the casting has been a bullseye, sometimes two or three times over as the show has jumped ahead in time every two seasons.

The music (starting in season three by Martin Phipps) has been unusually sensitive and thematic, and really grown on me. Here’s a good piece on it.

Well done!

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