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The Great Contraction

What a time to be trying to make anything in the entertainment business. After a crippling double strike, creatives have discovered the movie business is insolvent, and the television industry deader than a doornail.

The streamers overspent to create a monopoly, and now that they have one, they are slashing costs and forcing everybody else out of business.

In films, “packages” that used to attract sufficient financing via pre-sales (distributors paying up front for the movie, before it’s made) are being offered next to nothing.

And in television, the buyers (streamers) will only consider projects with major stars attached—and many of those are failing to sell. Crazy.

I’m pushing forward as best I can, hopeful that there will always be a need for quality, low-cost material. But boy does my timing suck!

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1 Comment

That's one of the reasons I decided to follow the route I did - make a low budget indie in a marketable genre. None of my actors are names, but they are all terrific. And the genre is psych-horror. That was the best way I knew of to hedge my bets.

Finishing up a rough cut; soon we'll see how it plays.

Good luck Lukas!

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