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Welcome La-La Land Friends!

Updated: Mar 6

UPDATE 2:45PM: The site seems to be buckling under the strain of so many mighty soundtrack collectors. So sorry! This is even after I paid for a larger server for today and tomorrow! We are working to see if there is anything we can do!

UPDATE #2 9PM: It survived! Thanks for visiting!

Congrats to La-La Land Records for their 2CD set of the original Top Gun! They have been working on this diligently for years. Awesome!

And welcome to everybody who is here from the La-La Land Records email blast for my CD sale, which is super cool of them to do!

Two shopping notes:

1) Please create an account, if you have not done so, before you shop! That way items will stay in your shopping cart while you browse.

2) U.S. customers, if your order qualifies for free shipping ($50 or more), you have to choose that during the check out process. (Has to do with how bare-bones our site is.)

Go here for a spreadsheet of the available inventory, which you might find easier and faster to browse. (It is the only way to search for titles by label.) You can then go to the store itself to order what you want—but keep in mind, while the inventory is updated in real time on the site itself, it is not on the spreadsheet. So some titles may no longer be available.

Thank you!

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