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Why I Won’t Be a Popular Blogger

I’ve enjoyed blogging about screenwriting, but it’s occurring to me why I’ll never be a popular blogger (not that I particularly want to be).

The first reason is that I’m not about encouragement. So much of what I see on reddit (above) and Twitter is about, “Keep going, don’t give up.”

When, in truth, most people won’t make it and probably shouldn’t try.

So I’m not about to use encouragement as a way to bring in readers and help them feel good. All I can do is explain the truth, as I see it.

Second, because I loathe the “screenwriting industrial complex” (or “the hope machine”)—dozens of companies that sell people courses, coverages, contests and “access programs,” which benefit only a small handful of writers who would probably succeed anyway—I can’t count on any of those places to promote anything I write.

Poor me!

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