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Do You Want to Sell Any CDs?

As I wrote earlier this week, announcing an upcoming CD estate sale, I never thought I’d be in the used CD business.

But having done it a few times (sold large collections), I’m facing the decision whether to continue it—because we’ve built up an infrastructure for it, and I need to know whether to continue that investment.

It’s a ton of work to process and sell one of these collections—which is why people faced with the task of handling such a project find it so overwhelming.

It also seems a bit odd to be pitching people on the excitement of an upcoming CD sale, while pitching the same people on the idea of selling their CDs.

But the truth is that everybody’s situation is different. There are lots of legitimate reasons to sell all or part of your collection: the need for money (and yes, it can bring in a meaningful amount of money), the need to downsize—or, in the saddest case, the need to dispose of a loved one’s collection, as has been the case for two of three of our sales.

If you do want to sell your CDs, well, I’m your guy, and this is the perfect time.

In fact, I need to know how how much demand there might be, because it affects whether I go out and rent warehouse space.

I can also imagine a queue starting—because we can only process so many CDs at once.

I can honestly say you won’t find somebody better to do this than us.

So if you’re interested, email me and I’ll fill you in on how it works. Thanks!

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