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Huge CD Sale Tomorrow

We are making final preparations to launch our new e-commerce site tomorrow and sell the Tim Knapp collection.

I am happy to be working with a great website company called Ironistic. This new site will automate the ordering, all the email notifications about shipping and fulfillment, and also give you the option to use a credit card.

The site will go live tomorrow, Tuesday 11/27/24, at 10AM Pacific time.

I appreciate that for people around the world, this might be in the middle of the night—or that some people will have to try to sneak a look at 5,000 CDs from their workplace.

I’m very sorry about that but, well, no matter when we launch, it will be bad for somebody. You can use this site to convert Los Angeles time (where we are) to your own.

See you tomorrow!

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Hopev there are some good scores in it I am goingv to check it out

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