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State of the CD Sale

We are in day 10 of the Brent Armstrong estate CD sale and orders have calmed down.

Last week at this time I was absolutely buried. I spent four days straight, morning until night, processing orders.

I really felt bad because I like to respond to people right away, but even taking the time to write a generic “I’ll get back to you soon” to 250 people would have taken too long.

I am all caught up now, and the sale has been a terrific success! However, we are still looking to move the last 1,100 items. Find the list here.

I have sorted today’s list by composer, so you can see the goodies still available. For example, from our beloved Jerry Goldsmith:

About shipping: we have close to 400 orders to handle. We can pack and ship between 30–50 a this is going to take at least two weeks.

I have been notifying everybody of their tracking number, but I can’t do that until the parcel is packed and ready for shipment—so please be patient.

However, I have been sending out email notices when your package is in the batch of 50 or so next up. This is because so many people have asked to place second, third and even fourth orders—which is actually super easy for me to manage, until the parcels are packed. After that, it’s a real hassle.

But until then, it’s super easy—so if you want anything, and haven’t received that “next up” message, please feel free!

You know where to find me:

Thanks everybody!

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