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The First Transport Is Away

Well, not entirely. Yesterday I went up to Creature Features to help prep the first wave of orders from my CD collection for shipment.

Thank you to everybody who ordered; to Creature Features for taking on this packing and shipping for me; and to my own short-term memory—for somehow getting us through this with a minimum of mistakes!

I was going to take a picture of all the CDs stacked up with the post-it notes on top, before being boxed, but I forgot. So never mind about that short-term memory!

Did you know it’s Mark Hamill who voices the Rebel P.A. system, “The first transport is away”? I didn’t! It’s slowed (or pitched) down, but you can sort of tell it’s him (at 2:51):

UPDATE: Apparently only in the Special Edition though. It’s different in the 1980 original.

One thing I’ve been meaning to explain: all those “1B” or “2F” numbers I’ve been adding to the orders and related correspondence—those are to help us find the discs in their boxes.

Also, I was unclear in that some items (most of the ones located in “LP Box”) are LPs. I have amended the database so it’s obvious. Sorry!

Thank you!

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1 Comment

Amer Zahid
Amer Zahid
Jan 20, 2023

Right now, I feel taking over the Empire all by myself...

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